Rules and Regulations :

1. The college timing is 9:30 AM to 4:00PM. The students should be in the class sharp by 9:30 AM.

2. All the Students and Staff should always wear ID card during their presence in the college.

3. Don’t carry Mobile phones to classroom.

4. Class teachers should take care of:

  • a). Student attendance in all periods during the day.
  • b). If any student continuously absent for 3 days,Class Co-ordinater will call her parents and enquire her absence.
  • c). Students leave letter must be submitted before taking leave. Permissions to be given by confirming with their parents and the same will be recorded in register.
  • d). All students must wear ID card and come in formal Dress.

5. During lab, it is mandatory for a student to carry ID Card, Apron, Observation & record.

6. Anti-Ragging Committee should always monitor that no student should involve in any Ragging activities

7. There is One-Entry and One-Exit in the college. If any student needs to go out in an emergency, student will take the signatures of Class Co-Ordinator and then HOD of Concerned Department on the Permission slip. Once they show the Permission Slip to Security of the Main gate,they allow the student to go out during the college hours.

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